Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trying Out Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Let me share with you my Thanksgiving dilemma. It has nothing to do with the environment (except in the way that everything does, of course) but it is what brings me t0-gasp-cook! Every holiday we go to my mother-in-laws and my husband and brother-in-laws all succeed in turning back into 10 year-old boys as we prepare for company to arrive. That is stress I am bowing out of this year. But because I (gladly) won't be there for cleaning duties and will be arriving with others who are bringing dishes, I feel the need to contribute.

So this week I am testing out a couple vegan Thanksgiving recipes with the hopes of finding something I can make acceptable enough to offer to the meal. First up, vegan green bean casserole. This twist on the old favorite utilizes veggie broth, soy milk, and flour in place of cream of mushroom soup. This is not nearly as difficult as it sounds and, with the exception of preparing the beans, was very quick and easy to make. The end result needs a little more seasoning but Everett (the only other person in this house willing to eat green veggies) and I really enjoyed it. Add to that the fact that it is really quite healthy and I think we have a competitor! It would be even healthier if I could find a healthy yet yummy alternative to french fried onions...anyone?


Lori said...

I've never had french fried onions before but I wonder if dehydrated kale tossed in onion/garlic powder would work? They have them at Whole Foods (though they add a yeast to make it taste sort or cheesy) and they're delicious, but you could probably make them from scratch. said...

There are so many fabulous vegetarian recipes that would be crowd pleasers. Why choose to bring back a 1950's dinosaur, when there are modern and fabulous ones that don't have to be doctored?

Willo said...


I am really trying to do something traditional (for my husband's very traditional family) and not only vegetarian, but vegan-using NO animal products.