Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birthday Bird House

This past weekend I had the blissful opportunity to escape the land of men and boys that is my home and belatedly celebrate my birthday with some great friends. These dear friends, Julie and Debbie, tease me every year that they have so much trouble finding a present for me each year. Of course their shining personalities and loving friendship are plenty, but this year they went above and beyond and hit the jackpot.

They found this lovely birdhouse at a craft show. Look at it! There is nothing on it that isn't upcycled! From the Michigan license plate roof, to the belt and hook hanger, to the door knob perch, everything about it is PERFECTLY reused! Isn't it great? Has anyone else seen anything like this? Made anything like this? If you are looking to get something or give something like this, this holiday season, check out Etsy which has quite a few different versions to peruse.


Liz said...

That birdhouse is SUPER adorable. Love it.

Sarge said...

Those are some great friends you have!