Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bartertown Diner

 On our way home from Mackinac Island, we stopped at a restaurant we had been looking forward to trying, Bartertown Diner in Grand Rapids, MI. Bartertown is a worker owned/operated vegan restaurant. The restaurant is constantly changing based on what's in season, what customers are cooking, and who is working. This place is revolutionizing food in more ways than one.

The food was good. The atmosphere was inspired. The place was inspirational.

Do you have somewhere like this by you?


Loretta said...

Hi Willo, don't forget our giveaway this week...ends tomorrow night! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Willo, The restaurant sounds great and makes me homesick for southwest Michigan! We just ate at a historic restaurant in Bratislava called 1 Slovak Pub. The restaurant receives much of their meat and produce from their organic farm where they make their own cheese. Knowing this made the food taste even better.