Sunday, September 25, 2011

Product Review :: My Green Mattress

Reader Meredith A. kindly pointed out to me that while I told you that we ordered the Pure Eco from My Green Mattress, I never reported on how it worked for us.  We ordered the mattress because it was the most affordable of the eco options I could find (although if you know of another, I would love to hear about it).

The first thing I did when the mattress arrived (shipping was big bucks, but still brought us in under any other model I could find) was sniff it.  I am big on my nose letting me know if something is full of chemicals or not.  The less I use chemicals, the more attuned my shnoz gets when they are around.  The mattress smelled like it had been in a warehouse for a while, but not at all like chemicals.  I let it sit in the sun for a couple hours and even that smell was gone.

  1. Organic cotton quilted fabric
  2. Natural wool
  3. Organic cotton batting
  4. Yarn insulator pad
  5. Medium-firm innerspring

It has been smooth sleeping ever since.  My son loves the mattress and we have noticed a big decrease in the night time coughing.  Whether that's from pulling up the carpet or the eco-mattress, I don't know.  But I will take it!

P.S. A word on product review

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