Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thermostat Check :: August 2011

The dog days of summer are upon us.  Here in Michigan it has been hovering between 80 and 90 every day with humidity to occasionally push us over 100 on the heat index.  I took this shot of the thermostat the other evening.

Our house stays cool in part because of the way it was built (3/4 earth sheltered using passive solar heating and cooling) and in part because we make an effort.  We open the windows on cool nights, close them as soon as the outside temp rises above the inside, and shut the curtains.  We rarely run our air conditioning except to condition the air and get some of the humidity out.

What is your thermostat set at?  How are you naturally trying to keep your home cool this summer?


syrahsuzie said...

Outside temperatures here in the South of France have been 28°C(82°F) to 32°C(90°F) in the shade for a few days now but our house has an indoor temperature today of 24°C (76°F).
We have wooden shutters on all the windows that we close when the sun is on that side of the house and open when the sun has moved.
Like you we only open windows at night. We have a small room fan that we put on when we are sitting in the evening and we move it to the bedroom at night.
In the winter we do the opposite to make the most of the heat of the sun.

Willo said...

Wow! The south of France! I have to be honest, I don't know of anyone who actually shuts shutters here...but it is a very charming idea. Great work!